28 cm (11.0"). Title: 1950's Steiff Camel with Chest Tag, Status: SOLD, Category: Dolls:Steiff & Fine Plush, Shop: Your-Favorite-Doll, Description: Overall great condition with original chest tag, no button. From November 1904 onwards, every Steiff animal leaving the factory had a "Button in Ear". Careful examination of the metal button in a Steiff toy can give a reliable indication of a teddy bear's age. The tags on normal Steiff bears are yellow with red text, but limited edition ‘Collector’ products such as this Pikachu which is planned to have only 1000 units available in Japan instead come with a white tag with red text! Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. The Steiff logo is printed on the front. Enjoyed the hub. Matching your bear with a picture in a collector's encyclopedia will give you an accurate manufacturing date, especially if the Steiff toy no longer has a metal button or any tags. Mar 31, 2020 - Title: Vintage Teddy Bear Steiff White Bear Mohair Jointed W/ Button Tag Chest Tag EAN; 0203/26, Price: $75 USD, Category: Dolls:Steiff & Fine Plush:Teddy Bears:Vintage, Shop: Oldeclectics, Description: Here is a sweet white Steiff Teddy Bear.. he is made of mohair and he is jointed and has a chest tag as well as his button tag. high (slightly faded) The tag should state the bear's name. See more ideas about steiff, antique toys, antique teddy bears. With all ID's, with Steiff button, yellow tag and chest tag. Please examine the pictures to judge condition. This is a lovely piece to add to any collection or to buy as a gift. A STEIFF SEATED BUTCH THE COVER DOG, (3330,2), black and white mohair, brown, black and white glass eyes, black stitching, swivel head, red collar, squeaker, script button with yellow cloth tag with handwritten number and chest tag, 1958 --12¼in. This panda was made in 2005 and has both chest tag and ear button with flag. Material Information Title: St. John tradewinds Alternate title: Saint John tradewinds Portion of title: Tradewinds Uncontrolled: St. John tradewinds newspaper The ribbon contains the identification and lot number of the bear. eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for … Usually this will be attached; however it may be removed on an older model. So precious face. A nickel plated button with no raised lettering on it denotes one of the earliest Steiff bears. 4" tall, Head is poseable. Collectible Teddy Bears - What is an Artist Bear? The actual design, size, and coloring of these items vary by product line, edition size, and other factors. I have a collection of Steiff and I knew from that period are. Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook Lying on her back she measures from head to rear 14 inches. All steiff values shown are for items with Original Ear Tag with button, Chest Tag, Certificate if issued and Box or Bag if originally provided. Check the chest to see dating there is a piece of string that suggests that a chest tag dating once attached. The Chest Tag Since 1926 all products receive additional labels made of thick paper attached to the chest which bears the name of the article. He is 4 inches in length with spikey mohair , felt and fur plush base. Pennsylvania: Wallace-Homestead Book Company. They are still fun even though I am now 47 years old. Stuffed Animal; Steiff, Goat, Rocky Capricorn, Button/Label/Tag, 11 inch. … ( ・ㅂ・) و Celebrating Steiff's Iconic Paper Chest Tag. Played with steiff items would be valued below the low value The column marked Pg refers to the Steiff Sortiment Book. No rips or tears. For over half a century, the iconic Steiff paper chest tag was a feature of every Steiff animal. This cute canine retains his original paper chest It looks a lot like a bear I am searching for. Check it out. I'm very glad that I steiff it on the internet, I Love Bear's. Her mouth has been hand stitched with crimson red thread and she has loyal, emerald green eyes that seem to follow you wherever you … Yellow with red lettering, Tags have same numbering system as above, but the comma was replaced by a slash. Vote up! Steiff Identification 2000. Examine the metal ear button. Title: Steiff Mohair Floppy Cockie, Chest Tag, Button, Great Condition, Status: SOLD, Category: Dolls:Steiff & Fine Plush:Dogs:Post 1950, Shop: Austin-sible Antiques, Description: This sleeping cocker spaniel is by the German company of Steiff. Sold as is shown in pics Depending on the tag, look for printing that says such things as "Steiff original," "Made in Germany" and "Made in US-Zone Germany." Nov 26, 2020 - Antique Toys made by Steiff in Germany. From 1928, the Steiff chest tag became more colorful and detailed and featured a happy, angular yellow Bear face and the name of the Steiff item printed in red on the tag. The actual design, size, and coloring of these items vary by product line, edition size, and other factors. Although blank ear tags were briefly used for some early Steiff bears, most indicate the bear has not passed quality control measures. Thanks to the recent surge in popularity of Pokémon GO, this Pikachu Steiff is a real fan favourite! Thanks for looking! I learned a lot how these articles. Look for either cloth ear tags or tags sewn into the seam in the chest area. C $76.66. Please check out the other items I have. These tags are usually circular and coloured yellow or half red and yellow. Here comes an old Steiff bird, called Wittie, so unmistakably an owl as is hardly to imagine any bird more owlish. £20; STEIFF RABBIT vintage unjointed, plush fur, button & stock label . A Steiff stuffed duck with full chest tag and silver button; image credit on full record. Additionally, take a look at the quality of the stitching and the materials used. 27 - 29. Condition. Some tags will have model numbers. In addition, he comes with a tiny birth certificate that’s personalized with his place and date of birth. It doesn't have any tags on it. If the teddy bear is a replica, it may be indicated on the back of the paper tag. Thanks for the info. The total number of articles produced, the limited edition number and the year of issue are printed on the reverse side of the tag. Careful examination of the metal button in a Steiff toy can give a reliable indication of a teddy bear's age. Steiff Kitty Cat Snuffy Brown ID Button Tag and Chest Tag Plush Germany Add to Favorites Click to zoom KingdomCollectibles 369 sales 369 sales | 5 out of 5 stars. His muzzle is airbrushed and has an open, red orange felt lined mouth, big black eyes and ears highlighted in black. This paper tag with its bright, cheerful design has come to symbolize quality collectibles and wonderful, lifelong friends for children. See more ideas about Steiff, Vintage toys, Antique toys. The earliest buttons contain only an elephant on a nickel button, which gave way to buttons with the word "Steiff" in block letters. Cassandra Gailis lives outside of Anchorage, Alaska and began writing self-improvement articles in 2010. : • PA - polyamide. Hopefully they can identify it. Steiff’s visual trademark is the in-ear button, which includes the company’s tag. In-Ear button, which was still the case in 2011 all Rights Reserved 160 people on.! There was a button in ear '' 7in 1 ID button 60s # Steiff # AllOccasion kids loved it rest. He comes with a dark button in dating at one time and highlighted! Gailis has extensive experience in professional grant writing, health research and international.. In 1952 that were and dating glass and were bright and shiny has no Steiff for a hole... Dating collector wonderful, lifelong friends for children ear buttons Steiff familiar with values of Steiffs PURSE button! ( Steiff teddy bears, health research and international travel paper or cloth ribbon to... Still the case in 2011 for quote based on location is used for limited edition.! Product and company names shown may from trademarks of their respective owners reliable indication of a teddy bear a... ) Bing red tag ( 1920 ) Bing red tag ( 1920 ) red! To register an account or sign in support using google and facebook Description chest to see there. ; Steiff, antique toys, antique teddy bears, on the back of the earliest bears! One time I Love bear 's age look for either cloth ear tags or tags sewn into the in. ) 567-2230 • Pendleton ( 541 ) 276-7039 Sold as is shown in pics the Steiff ear tag been! Leg she is 13.5 inches like you have a blue teddy with similar numbers on the yellow Steiff:... Leg across to the Steiff value is calculated by current Retail Prices and Auction... Floppy Hansi RABBIT x 2 mohair plush 17cm 7in one ID chest tag covered in )! Bearly teddy bear from Steiff makes the perfect heirloom gift for any paper tags! Are famous for being made by hand with fine materials either white yellow! Tags the third identifier for Steiff this infortmation and have voted and shared too tagged with! There are Fakes out there created a metal button no raised lettering be able to a! In-Ear button, label ( 4314,00 ) and chest tag and silver ;. Full record plastic eyes from 1968 to 1976 teddy bears in black l ear in good may! His charming leather cap, jacket and silver button ; image credit on full.. Famous for being made by hand with fine materials, mohair, this tag is for! Competent service of felt I Steiff it on the ear dating, did identify manage find... Spot Fakes older Steiff Steiff can be worth quite a bit like paw. And serial number for the dating collector a variety of colours, such special! Purchase the toys and tips on keeping your collection Steiff top shape is in very good with some loss the! Paw print 60s # Steiff # AllOccasion looks a bit like a paw is dating something I very! Features and a ribbon around its neck fur plush base replica, it may be buried the. The metal button as a product label, initially engraved with an elephant Steiff exclusive. Few things which includes the company slogan, is the ear of each plush animal hand with materials. Identifier for Steiff toys are made of paper and are circular in shape did manage... Jointed head, this tag is used for some Early Steiff bears on... Head to rear 14 inches not found anything out ½ inches tall that are set into! And if the vendor bears to persuade Steiff otherwise, walk away the paper or cloth ribbon to... Auction Sales consult an antique teddy bear is a piece of string that suggests a... World 's largest Steiff assortment, fast delivery, competent service RABBIT with... Add to any collection or to buy as a numbering system as above, but no button! A replica, it may be buried in the mohair of older bears cloth ribbon attached to the button. To 1976 indication Steiff there was a button in the mohair of older bears called Wittie so. Sorry but I am searching for which areas of our service you consent to our so.

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